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Vantage Adventures FAQs

What is Vantage Adventures?

Vantage Adventures is the new name for our Worldwide Discoveries journeys from Asia to Africa and from Antarctica to the Americas.

What makes them "adventures"?

These are the main features of every Vantage Adventure:

  • Small Groups — No more than 18-26 travelers, guaranteed!
  • Authentic culture — Behind-the-scenes interaction with local culture
  • Closer to nature — Wildlife viewing from smaller vehicles and boat cruises
  • Activity choices — Walking, hiking, kayaking and other active options
  • Accommodations — Smaller, high-end boutique lodges and luxury hotels

Are Vantage Adventures new?

Yes and no. Yes, our name is new. No, these are the same journeys we've offered before, but with more adventure features starting with 2017 departures.

What's the difference between Vantage's current trips and Vantage Adventures?

For 2016 departures, there are no differences. For 2017 departures, many of the journeys have been enhanced with new adventure features. These include more opportunities for cultural discovery and optional active excursions.

Why is Vantage launching this new brand?

Our travelers have been seeking more cultural experiences and nature activities, with degrees of physical activity. Also, we are unique in offering deluxe adventure at extraordinary value, much less than traditional luxury brands.

Why are there two different websites? Can I find Adventures on the current Vantage Travel website?

As we add more Vantage Adventures in the future, we see a clear distinction in this type of travel. However, you can access the adventures easily from the Vantage Travel website.

If I am reserved on a 2016 program under Vantage Travel, what will changes under Vantage Adventures?

No change, just the name of the brand.

Are there any price differences between Vantage Travel and Vantage Adventures?

Prices remain the same, the best value in deluxe adventures, guaranteed.

How many Vantage Adventure trips do you offer? Where do they go?

There are currently 21 adventures to choose from around the world, primarily in the Americas, Asia, Antarctica, Europe and Africa.

Can I use my past traveler credits toward Vantage Adventures?

Yes. You can combine all your travel and referral credits from Vantage Travel and Vantage Adventure trips. All your current credits remain unchanged.

Do I receive the same traveler rewards with Vantage Adventures?

Yes, the structure of traveler rewards is the same across both brands.

Does Vantage Adventures allow Group Travel? What are the benefits to a Group Leader?

The same benefits apply that are with Vantage Travel. A group of 10 travelers earns one free trip as always.

How do I contact Vantage Adventures?

The best way is to call our dedicated Vantage Adventures toll-free number 800-848-5773 or email customercare@vantageadventures.com. However, any method you use to contact Vantage Travel will connect you to the appropriate support.

Are Vantage Adventures rated for what to expect and pacing?

Yes, we use the same 3-level activity rating as Vantage Travel. However, we also have a 3-tiered cultural rating, the degree of unique cultural immersion. To fully enjoy your adventure—and make sure the fellow travelers in your small group do as well—we recommend you are in good physical health and mobile, with the ability to walk at least 2 miles a day unassisted. For specifics on each Vantage Adventures trip, please reference What to Expect on the Full Itinerary tab at the top of our website. If you have any questions about whether an Adventure is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact us at 800-848-5773.

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